1 in 20 children worldwide is born with a birth defect or genetic disease. Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI) is dedicated to advancing the treatment and prevention of childhood diseases, so every child has the opportunity for a healthy start to life.

CMRI pioneered microsurgery, immunisations against lethal childhood illnesses and care for premature babies, all of which has improved the lives of countless Australian children over the last 50 years. Today, CMRI is the site of world-leading research in areas such as cancer, neurobiology, embryology and gene therapy.

CMRI collaborates with scientists all over the world to push research forward. It also provides important resources for scientists in Australia. It operates CellBank Australia™, the only national repository of cell cultures, necessary for many fields of medical science. In addition, CMRI houses a major Biomedical Proteomics facility and an Australian first, the ACRF Centre for Kinomics, a joint venture with the University of Newcastle, which enables scientists to understand the master controls governing basic cell behaviour and develop new therapeutic drugs for a range of diseases.

CMRI is a founding member of the Westmead Research Hub, a major medical research precinct, uniting the efforts of local scientists to perform at a national and international level. The Institute employs more than a hundred full time scientists and educates dozens of PhD students (the ground-breaking scientists of the future) through its academic ties to the University of Sydney.

CMRI’s achievements are made possible by a network of devoted community supporters, as well as the iconic Jeans for Genes® fundraising campaign.


“Provide a forum for those who have lost loved ones to cancer while aggressively raising money to find a cure. No one should have to go through what millions of cancer victims, survivors and those left behind have endured.”

Cancer Sucks was established out of the pain and frustration that comes from losing a loved one to cancer, combined with the desire to do what we can to prevent anyone from experiencing the same loss. The 1996 death of Donna Holland White was a devastating event and one that will never be forgotten. While undergoing treatments, surgeries, and the emotional roller coaster that comes with cancer, Donna still had time to think of others by making arrangements to have her body donated to cancer research at the time of her death. Cancer Sucks is a living memorial started by her family and dedicated to Donna. The organization is run by volunteers that have all been touched by cancer and focused on raising as much money for cancer research as possible. Corporate partnerships fund our overhead expenses allowing us to donate ALL the proceeds from our events to cancer research. For more information on Corporate Partnerships, volunteer opportunities, merchandise, donations, or to start your own Cancer Sucks fundraising contact us.